What is the best order to put my effects?

The truth is, it is best to experiment, and see what sounds best to you. I've outlined a typical guitar rig below to help you get started.

  • Generally your EQ and compression should go first in the chain.
  • Next would be distortion.
  • The next modules in the chain should be your modulation effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, wah, tremolo)
  • I usually save delay effects to the end of the modulation effects.
  • Then your reverb
  • Last is Volume

What strings should I use?

There are many different brands, and everyone seems to have their own preference. The main things to consider when buying strings are:

  • Gauge - this is the thickness of the strings. Heavier gauge will sound thicker, and have a heavier bottom sound, but can be harder to play. Lighter gauge strings are easier to play, but have a lower volume and sound thinner.
  • It is best to pick a favorite string gauge and brand, get your guitar professionally setup (intonation and action) using a brand new set of your favorite strings. Then you always use the same brand/ gauge strings when you change your strings. This will help keep your guitar properly intonated.

How much do I need to practice ?

I recommend at least one hour per day for teenagers and adults, and at least one half hour for younger children.

Make sure that you're having fun. Pick music that interests you.